First Time Homebuyers

What you need to know about your home heating

Congratulations on the purchase of your first home! At this point, you may be a little overwhelmed by everything that has gone into purchasing your first home, not to mention moving and unpacking. And now that you're settling in, it's time to start contemplating how to maintain your new home, as well as keep it warm during a cold New England winter.

In recognition of your first home purchase, Dead River Company would like to extend a special offer to you for opening a new account:

  • Discounted price per gallon* for your first year on a Dead River Company monthly budget or price protection plan.
  • $100 account credit* when you open a new, residential, automatic delivery account.
  • $50 off your first Annual Tune-Up, or for qualifying systems, $100 off the first year of a Service Plan, which comes with a free annual tune-up. After your first tune-up, we will contact you to go over our findings.

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Important Questions

What's the difference between Dead River Company and other fuel providers?

Dead River Company is a full-service provider, which means we not only deliver on a promise of timely fuel deliveries, we also offer 24-7 emergency service, in-house technical expertise for maintaining and installing heating equipment, 30-day credit terms, automatic delivery, online account management, price protection and budget plans, as well as trusted advice to ensure your home runs efficiently. 

Providers that are not full service typically simplify their offerings to just fuel deliveries, which are either paid for at the time of ordering or you need to be home to pay at time of delivery.

How can I plan for my home heating costs?

With our Equal Payment Plan (a.k.a monthly budget plan), your estimated annual heating costs are calculated and then spread over predictable monthly payments. Each month of the plan year, you pay Dead River Company the same budget payment amount. Over the course of the summer, these payments build up a credit balance on your account. Then in the fall and winter, when you get fuel deliveries, your credit balance is used to pay for these deliveries as you continue to make these monthly budget payments.

Why have an Annual Tune-Up done?

  • Improved efficiency. A well-tuned system uses less fuel to achieve the same level of warmth and comfort. It also produces cleaner emissions.
  • Money saved. By reducing the amount of fuel your heating system uses, you'll save all season long. A tune-up can reduce heating bills by up to 5%.
  • Improved reliability. Your Dead River Company technician will replace any worn parts, so you can depend on your system to keep you warm through the winter. 

Do I really need a Service Plan?

A typical New England home's heating system runs more than 1,000 hours every heating season. Like any mechanical system, it needs regular maintenance to run dependably and efficiently. Whether your heating system is fueld by propane, oil, or kerosene, you'll get more value for your home heating dollar with a Dead River Company Service Plan. All of our plans come with a free annual tune-up and guarantee responsive 24-7 emergency service from a licensed technician.

Service Plan
Service Plan
Covers the cost of most service parts and labor X  
Covers the cost of an annual tune-up X X
24-Hour responsive emergency service X X
Available as a space heater or water heater plan   X
Divides the cost of most service parts and labor evenly with
Dead River Company

List of Covered Parts

Terms & Conditions

Is it time to upgrade my heating system?

It happens eventually in every home: on a frigid morning, you wake up and turn up the thermostat just like usual—but there's no response. No comforting sound of the system firing up and no warmth rising from the radiators or air vents. Hopefully it's a simple problem that's a quick and inexpensive fix, like a tripped circuit breaker or a clogged filter. But occasionally the repair is so big and costly that it raises an age-old question that's been asked about everything from the family car to the washing machine: is it more cost effective to fix what you have or replace it? Here's how to decide:

Think Safety First
If the problem presents a safety hazard, replacement is inevitable.

Consider the Typical Lifespan
A 2007 study by the National Association of Home Builders found that furnaces for forced-air systems last an average of 15 to 20 years, and boilers for hot-water radiators and baseboards last 13 to 21 years.

Assess the Costs of Repairing versus Replacing
To decide your system's fate, you need more data to include the cost of your repair or replacement options. And this is where Dead River Company can assist. As a general guideline, consider replacement if the equipment is beyond three-quarters of its life expectancy and repairs will cost more than a third of replacement.


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*First Time Homebuyer promotional offer includes 10cents/gallon Heating Oil/K1 discount; or 25cents/gallon Propane discount. One discount per account. The discount applies to the day’s retail price. The discount is good for the first year as a Dead River Company price protection or monthly budget customer and only applies to first time homebuyers, who establish a new residential automatic delivery central heat heating oil account or a new residential automatic delivery propane account, which uses 300+ gallons of propane per year. Account credit and discount are non-transferable, cannot be combined with other new customer offers, and has no cash value. Terms and conditions apply. Contact Dead River Company for complete details.